Who we are

We could tell you about our unlimited classes, guaranteed to help you lose inches and pounds.  Including Bootcamp, Zumba, Zumba Tonic, Zumba Sentao, and Triple Fat Burner, our classes are held in beautiful classrooms and led by the best instructors who are dedicated to helping you slim down and tone up.

We could tell you about our affordable membership rates, as we believe that nothing – especially cost – should stop you from achieving your fitness goals.  No other gym offers wonderful classes, personal training, and excellent nutrition programs at the great prices we do.

We could tell you about our great weight loss products that will help you drop a jean size and get the body you want.  Or that our nutritionists and online recipes can help you work just as hard in the kitchen as you do in the gym.

But instead, we’ll tell you why we are a ladies-only gym.  We believe that women should be comfortable working out.  Our members can jump higher, squat lower, and sweat without having to feel self-conscious.  We also offer pampering to our guests in our women’s room, where you can recover from your workout and have fun with friends, with coffee and tea service included.

"We are not only a gym, we are a Women’s Fitness Club, and want to help improve all aspects of women’s lifestyles"

Meet the team

Lucy Esposito


Lucy’s story begins in Venezuela.  At age 27, her family moved from their home country to Orlando, Florida.  Despite graduating in 1995 as a lawyer in her country, Lucy decided to go a new route and became a personal trainer in 2010.

After graduating as a personal trainer, Lucy went on to work at Gold’s Gym.  There, she was always looking for ways to help women, and continued her studies in order to better help women meet their fitness goals.  After working with women in this huge club for some time, she realized that a more comfortable and private gym experience might be preferable for women.

By 2012, Lucy had worked her way to many different certifications that were specific and interesting for women, including becoming a Women’s Fitness Specialist (WFS), Weight Loss Specialist (WL), Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Boot Camp Training Instructor, and Instructor for Stability Balls, Group Step, and Barbells.  With these certifications, Lucy felt confident she could provide women with professional and personalized services. 

Today, Lucy is teaming up with other women with similar goals to open her own Women’s Health Club, with an atmosphere that allows women to work together, have fun together, and spend their time working towards their specific weight loss and fitness goals.  That’s the reason the gym is called Feminissima Women Fitness Club – only women (feminas) may join.

The overwhelming success of women’s fitness clubs is simple – they provide women a place that they can call their own, where they can work out without being self-conscious and also provide them the opportunity to relax and pamper themselves.  These principles are why women love these clubs – because they know they deserve to feel better and look better.


Adriana Gonzalez

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Adriana began her professional career as a lawyer.  She moved from Venezuela to Orlando, Florida in 2005 with her husband.  Her sister-in-law, Lucy Esposito, was her main inspiration for joining the personal fitness and personal training world.  Lucy’s discipline and dedication to exercise inspired Adriana to attend the N.P.T.I. (National Personal Trainer Institute) or Orlando, which she graduated from in 2010.

Once certified as a personal trainer, Adriana went on to receive certifications in nutrition, Zumba, Kickboxing and Step Aerobics and as an official Trainer Instructor.  She believes these certifications an help her help women focus on their objectives, doubts, and concerns regarding their health and physical fitness.  Adriana is always motivated to not only encourage women to exercise, but also to have a balanced and healthy diet in their daily life.

With her sister-in-law, Adriana has started the Feminissima Women Fitness Club project, a women-only fitness club where ladies can feel confident and comfortable, and work to achieve a better quality of life.


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Nadie mejor que un grupo de mujeres con conocimiento profesional puede entender y ayudar a otras mujeres , en sus inquietudes,sus preocupaciones , sus metas y sus deseos de cambiar a un mejor estilo de vida, donde pueden tener un tiempo solo para ellas , donde solo ellas son importantes, donde puedan Hacer ejercicios, Bailar, reir y hasta llorar si asi lo sienten, sin tener absolutamente nada PORQUE preocuparse, ni siquiera por el como ir vestidas o arregladas , pensando solo en disfrutar de un Profesional y Excelente entrenamiento fisico, en clases de grupo Super dinamicas y divertidas en un ambiente TOTALMENTE equipado complementado con una ayuda nutritional y un especial espacio para relax , logrando asi cambios positivos en sus Vidas ademas de hacer nuevas amistades, con quienes poder compartir, sin sentirse intimidadas , una entrenamiento perfectamente coordinado acompanado de la mejor musica , que traera fabulosos resultados.